By placing volunteers on development projects, Vasavya MahilaMandali hopes to ensure a deeper and more practical knowledge of development work and it's effect on tribal, rural and urban Indian communities.

Through a process of social and cultural interactions between overseas visitors and the communities where projects are based, it is hoped that the participants will be sensitized about global disparities and social injustices.

The objective is to provide people who are concerned about development issues, an unique opportunity to observe and experience the culture of tribal, rural and urban Andhra Pradesh, India; study the problems of communities and gain an in-depth perspective of the myth and reality of 'third world poverty'.

The volunteer is not meant for 'helping the poor, underserved people of Andhra Pradesh. The emphasis of the volunteer is to involve in the ongoing project activities and community life based on their aptitude and expertise.

Volunteers are, however, can teach at schools where VMM works but no special skills are required for this as they will be teaching small children basic English or mathematics. Those who cannot teach either subject could teach the children about their own culture, art and play. What is important is that volunteers possess a great deal of cultural sensitivity as they will be placed in communities that have very little exposure to other cultures.

Usually not more than two or three volunteers are sent to a particular project. A smaller number of volunteers enable better integration and interaction with the community and the project. It also ensures that the natural rhythm of the project is not disturbed. Usually VMM encourage the overseas and national volunteers who are professionals in various aspects such as:

Type of volunteer work
Residential volunteer

The opportunity is open throughout the year. Those who wish to volunteer must apply at least a month in advance and arrive in Vijayawada for placement before the 5th of the month in which they join the programme. The minimum stay on a project is one month. One could also stay for two, three, four months or longer. Volunteers are sent to projects in the first week of every month. The programme is open forall nationalities. The expenses have to be borne by the volunteer.

Nonresidential volunteers

Opportunities are open for volunteers to work on fixed dates/days in the field of supplementary education for children in schools and out of schools, counseling, data punching, documentation, interaction with women and children groups and senior citizens. Age and education are no bar and every person can contribute as a volunteer.

Online volunteer:

Online volunteer can take up work of VMM with a prior Terms of Reference (ToR) regarding confidentiality and adhere to the timelines and other as per the task. VMM has a vast data bank that can be analyzed and documented. VMM need people with expertise in documentation and data analysis, case study developing, editing of the documents.

Vasavya Mahila Mandali is indeed providing life transforming opportunities for hundreds of families affected or infected by HIV in urban and rural villages of the Krishna District and beyond. HIV is currently accepted and managed as a chronic treatable disease and VMM is playing a crucial role in delivering that message to the people of Andhra Pradesh… A small but well organized, dedicated staff has been trained to include and motivate members of each community to support and care for their own, and the results are truly amazing! VMM deserves to be recognized as the leading example for India of HIV/AIDS community education, prevention, home-based care, treatment, and follow-up. - Donna M. Guenther, M.D

I came to VMM in July 2007 for three months from the United States as a part of my training to receive my Masters in Public Health. During that time, I was able to gain a deep understanding of the issues facing women and children in India, especially as it relates to HIV/Health, and also gain an appreciation for the type of work that VMM does for the community.-Reema Shah

When invited to share some words about my experience working with VMM, I again felt a sense of honor. Originally, I was honored with a chance to get to know, learn from, and be inspired by a dedicated group of individuals. Now, on such a noteworthy occasion, the experience comes full circle. I am able to venerate those who treated me with great respect and instilled the confidence in me to be a part of a small portion of VMM’s considerable work.- Ms. Haley McCaig

You can do the work anywhere in the state of Andhra Pradesh and VMM can link you up with NGO network.

This is a good opportunity to do an academic assignment.

Feel proud to give back to India by supporting the communities.