Vasavya Mahila Mandali – Quick Response to COIVD-19

Health and Nutrition

Globally Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) is a pandemic and declared as Health Emergency by WHO. In Andhra Pradesh the situation is also similar, with complete lock down. Due to sudden in nature as declared for lockdown, people are experiencing several problems which includes food insecurity, medical emergency, pregnant and lactating unable to access health services as OP is stopped in almost all private hospitals and in government hospitals it is centralized, migrants unable to reach their native places as the transport is stopped, education of children is unprecedented, increased domestic violence and abuse for women and children, people becoming panic day by day, unable to pay house rentals / milk charges and no cash in hand to meet daily needs etc. In Andhra Pradesh on March 12, 2020 first corona case was identified in Nellore district.

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COVID-19 Cases in India and in the state of Andhra Pradesh
India Andhra Pradesh
258090 4510
Source: Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Government of India, as on 8th June 2020

Vasavya Mahila Mandali has experience in responding to disasters and also Health pandemics like HIV. So from March onwards VMM has initiated training to staff, peer educators and volunteers.

Seeing at community’s people are not much caring for hand wash, social distance and masks. That made VMM to respond to this pandemic immediately from March 2020. Although the first Corona case identified in Andhra Pradesh, preparedness started by VMM and some are like on immediately on need responding too.

Vasavya Mahila Mandali has responding to the pandemic through different activities

Training to VMM Staff and Volunteers

Training to VMM staff: VMM conducted capacity building of 525 Peer educators / Community volunteers, VMM staff, Mahila Mitra on Corona virus and health emergency, actions required to take by VMM management and educated themselves on self-care and at workplace. In the second week of March 2020 VMM has initiated strengthened staff and community change makers.

Mobile Hand Wash Points

Mobile hand wash points were initiated in March 2020: Before lock down, VMM has established 20 mobile hand wash platforms points for public convenience use, educated the community on importance frequent hand wash and explained in detail the hand wash by soap or hand wash. VMM collaborated with: Vasavya Nursing home, Mahila Mitra, Asha function hall, United Teachers Federation and Hotel Alankar Inn, AXIS Bank.

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Distribution of facemasks: 40,000 Cloth masks were distributed in community in Vijayawada.

Awareness on COVID 19 in communities: Information on COVID19 regularly updated through social media and media. VMM through WhatsApp sharing the information about services availability at public and process of approach.

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Maintaining Social Distance at vegetable markets and public places. About 100 Mahila Mitra actively participated in supervising and educating people coming to market informing them to wear mask compulsorily especially coming outside of home, informing people not to touch vegetables and to reach home before 9 am during relaxation of time from lockdown. This has helped the people to know the importance.

Providing dry ration: With HCL Foundation through Connect to Andhra Society provided dry ration to 640 migrants were lock down due to COVID19 and 360 women (Pregnant, lactating, aged grannies, widows and women with diseases) at Vijayawasda, Krishnalanka Karakatta area. Film link:

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Supply of cooked food: In some areas Mahila Mitra has provided cooked food to migrants and also people in camps and provided butter milk to persons working at frontline.
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Transportation of ART medicines: Supporting government health department, VMM staff at West Godavari transporting ART medicines to 150 People Living with HIV (PLHIV) on treatment, provide counselling on ART medication and precautions to be taken during COVID19.
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Support services as to government at quarantine services: VMM staff working as supporting staff in counselling, in collecting samples and supply of food materials to people at quarantine centres.

Advocacy with government for provision of rice and Dal to NGO run children and senior citizen homes. GO 58
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During the lock down two pregnant women were referred to medical services. Police has supported in transporting to medical hospital. Emergency medical services to pregnant women in collaboration with AP Police in making them reach hospital for delivery.

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Maternal Health

5 women in India die every hour as a result of pregnancy and childbirth related causes.

Yet, the majority of maternal deaths, which result from late referrals and delayed intervention are preventable. Pregnant women very often do not know what to expect and are not told what danger signs to look out for. Studies show that 74% of women have experienced pregnancy specific anxiety (BMJ) and 25% suffer from prenatal depression, mostly between 18-32 weeks of pregnancy (Lancet). Psychological and emotional wellbeing interventions that are essential for positive pregnancy outcomes need to be integrated with maternal health services.

Kushal India supports the emotional, psychological and social wellness of women when pregnant. Our focus is on good health, well-being and increased social capital to help reduce pregnancy related risks. We believe a pregnant woman irrespective of her social status and literacy level deserves to get such support and have a fulfilling and positive pregnancy experience.

What we do to Pregnant women?

Curious to know what is happening to your body, how your baby-to-be is changing week by week, feeling a little stressed, vulnerable or anxious? Kushal is your pregnancy companion that helps with wellness. We can support you to track, understand and make choices in pregnancy. Kushal combines digital with interpersonal solutions to support better health and the emotional and psychological wellbeing of mothers-to-be, with focus on underserved young women from disadvantaged communities.

Our COVID19 Response for pregnant women

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These are unprecedented times and we are responding like others to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society. In Vijayawada, most public and private sector service health providers have either re-focussed to COVID -19 or have cut back their services by more than half. This has inadvertently affected antenatal care services for pregnant women. There is total lockdown and pregnant women are either being turned back or cannot attend antenatal clinics. In response and to ensure pregnant women continue to be supported, we have realigned our interventions to be driven remotely and be based on technology. We contact women through our network of government and private sector hospitals, clinics and ASHA workers by telephone and deliver accessible information and education via our website.

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Infrared Forehead Thermometers: On 20th May 2020 donated two Infrared Forehead thermo meters for using in court premises Chairman cum II Addl. District Judge, Mandal Legal Services Committee, Vijayawada.

Relief Camp to Migrants: During 15th May 2020 to 23rd May 2020 VMM initiated relief camp opp; government Polytechnic college on NH-16 and reached 4315 migrants and distributed Water, Towels, Foot wear, Banana, Orange, Biscuits and Bread and also counselled about their route to their native states during their walk.



Production of Face Masks: VMM women those who are trained in tailoring and having sewing machines under various interventions are provided with livelihood by stitching masks and supplying to District Rural Development Agency Krishna Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation and Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas i.e self-help groups women. More than 200 women were engaged and prepared 40000 masks. Day by day the number of women engaged is on increase as there is lot of demand. In addition to this VMM is making masks and also selling to corporates, business houses and community people.

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COVID19 – VMM work to uphold human rights

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Tele counselling to victims of Domestic violence: VMM initiated Tele counselling services from 01 April 2020, during the lock down crime against women has increased, domestic violence cases has increased, 125 cases were provided counselling and necessary action were taken with the support of AP Police DISHA team and Mahila Mitra members.

Police escort service to victims of Domestic violence: AP Police DISHA team provided police escort to two women who were facing severe domestic violence were reached to their parental home facilitated by VMM.

View the one-minute short film on 11 tips to victims of Domestic violence
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Media stories and media interface on increased Domestic violence during lockdown


10 TV



Online survey PAN India on Domestic violence and COVID19 LOCKDOWN

Link :

Supported for migrants, students etc stranded in different locations in India

200 students went for Medical PG coaching stranded in Kota, Rajasthan did returned to Vijayawada in Coordination with Marvadi Seva Samithi

18 pilgrims from Kasi were stranded at Hyderabad, in coordination with Journalists team coordinated and they reached Tadepalligudem in West Godavari district.

300 fishermen stranded at Maliti village, Udipi district were supported in giving them counseling and spike to Police officers, Fisheries department and coordinated for their travel 250 to Srikakulam and 58 to East Godavari districts. National Fishery Workers Union has extensively facilitated to make about 70,000 fishermen reach to their homes.

VMM also supported senior citizens, women with children to reach their home towns and villages.